Determined ducks take to pond at Maris Farms as ‘Iron Duck’ series moves into 10th season

It’ll be a hungry and competitive crop of quacks hitting the race pond this fall at Maris Farms for the annual Iron Duck Championship series. This year, the event is presented by Bootleggers Bar & Grill in Buckley. All proceeds from all bets placed by race fans this fall will go to a nonprofit Celebrate HARVEST, whose mission it is to preserve family farms by inspiring and financially supporting present-day farmers and future experiential farmers. Celebrate HARVEST funds and manages the month-long event for Maris Farms.

“We’re very excited about the upcoming season, our 10th year of doing this crazy series,” track master Steve Templeman said. “We have an awesome title sponsor and some of the best DUCK-athletes we’ve had since the start of this series in 2013! Our sponsor, Bootleggers Bar & Grill, gives the event a big boost from a local business! We’re geared up for a fantastic season and some exciting competition!”

This season’s DUCK-athletes are QUACKie Chan, DUCK Norris, Sir QUACKS-a-lot, MALLARD Monroe and Christy BEAKly.

“These are some top-notch QUACK-letic fowl, “race announcer and QUACKmaster Dennis Riley said. “I know Christy BEAKly and MALLARD Monroe will give QUACKie Chan and DUCK Norris all they can handle. Sir QUACKs-a-lot is kind of a fowl-mouthed trash talker, but on any given day…he’s a threat.”

Training started late this fall and is continuing up to opening day, Oct. 1st. The Buckley farm hosts the live duck races at 1 and 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. A duck “parade” from the duck quarters to the race pond precedes each race and then they march back to their quarters following each race.

The 2022 Iron ‘DUCK’ Series features the following DUCK-athletes:

#1 – QUACKie Chan

#2 – DUCK Norris

#3 – Sir QUACKS-a-lot

#4 – MALLARD Monroe

#5 – Christy BEAKly

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Thank you to our amazing Duck Race sponsor!