DUCK Norris has a little chat with DUCK Norris  

QUACK-action movie star turned duck-athlete makes day-two mental and attitude adjustments 

DUCK Norris once won an underwater breathing contest with a fish…and it was likely this past weekend during day 2 of the Iron Duck Championship series at Maris Farms. That’s when and where the former quack-action movie icon turned duck-athlete dominated the field of five to take an early lead in the month-long duck-racing series.

On Sunday, Norris swept both competitions rather easily. It may have been because he was a little stunned after opening day on Saturday, when he finished barely a beak behind winner Christy BEAKly in the kick-off race and succumbed to QUACKie Chan less than a foot from the finish in the second race after leading the entire way up to that point.

“Yes, I was a little perturbed at what had occurred on Saturday,” ‘DUCK’ told a post-race gathering of reporters on Sunday afternoon. “I felt in control and confident going into day one, and then all of the sudden, I’m winless. I decided I better start acting like DUCK Norris. That time waits for no duck…unless that duck is DUCK Norris.”

Indeed. The sculpted and athletic Norris has plenty of momentum and confidence behind him now as he pursues a season series title with four weekends (8 races) to go. But, the wily veteran QUACKie Chan and upstart Christy BEAKly are not ready to give up yet.

“I’m not QUACKing down from the challenge just cuz there may be some iconic, martial arts duck with a little more experience,” Chan said after the weekend’s final race on Sunday. “I’ve trained for this opportunity all my life (about 2 ½ weeks now) and I’m not gonna let this opportunity slip through my web feet.”

“Shaping up to be a battle,” BEAKly said. “Just because I appear elegant and demure, doesn’t mean I’m not a little dastardly in the duck pond…I wouldn’t take me or QUACKie lightly if I were Mr. Norris.”

For the weekend, a total of $54 was raised for local nonprofit Celebrate HARVEST through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races. A total of 79 “bets” were placed and QUACKIE Chan had the most bets placed on him with 36. Racing will resume this weekend – Saturday and Sunday at 1 and 3 pm – at Maris Farms.

Here are the results after the first weekend:

#1 – QUACKIE Chan  1 36
#2 – DUCK Norris  2 16
#3 – Sir QUACKS-a-lot 0 14
#4 – Christy BEAKly  1 9
#5 – DUCKleberry Finn 0 10

QUAffic jam top of Iron Duck leader board

Two wins by QUACKie Chan, another by Christy BEAKly and DUCKleberry Finn tightens season chase; DUCK Norris goes winless for the weekend, putting his mega star martial arts status in question vs Chan 

It’s a bit like a raft of duckers on Interstate 5 during rush hour right now at the Iron Duck Championship series (presented by MarySellsScents and Michael J Real Estate) at Maris Farms. Four of the 5 duck-athletes are still within striking distance of the coveted, month-long season series title after a flurry of unexpected wins and a letdown from the opening weekend’s top duck. 

QUACKie Chan captured 2 of 4 races this past weekend, bringing his season total to 3 victories. He now sits atop the standings, just ahead of Christy BEAKly (who added a win to her opening weekend win and now totals 2 victories) and DUCK Norris (who went winless this weekend after winning twice on opening weekend). DUCKleberry Finn made the board with one victory this past Sunday. And Sir QUACKS-a-lot remains winless on the young season. 

“I told you all after last weekend that I wasn’t QUACKing down from DUCK Norris just cuz he’s some sort of iconic legend,” Chan said in the post-race press conference on Sunday. “We’ve both performed at the highest levels in our martial arts, quack-action films. We’re both competitive, capable and confident. It’s going to be like this for three more weekends I would guess.” 

BEAKly was excited to be in the mix and reiterated her feelings from last weekend. 

“Don’t take me lightly just because I’m not the typical, sculpted and ferocious fowl you find in this sport. I am not your average beauty duck and I’ve got what it takes to compete with QUACKIE and DUCK.” 

A total of $101 was raised this past weekend for local nonprofit Celebrate HARVEST through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races, bringing the total over two weekends to $155. Fans placed 90 “bets” and DUCK Norris had the most with 18. Through two racing weekends, 169 bets have been placed (DUCK Norris has the most with 50 overall). Racing will resume this weekend – Saturday and Sunday at 1 and 3 pm – at Maris Farms. 

Here are the results after the first weekend:

Here are the results after the second weekend:

#1 – QUACKIE Chan  3 50
#2 – DUCK Norris  2 34
#3 – Sir QUACKS-a-lot 0 22
#4 – Christy BEAKly  2 16
#5 – DUCKleberry Finn 1 17

Two wins by Christy BEAKly, one by QUACKie Chan ties them up at top of Iron Duck Series leaderboard 

It doesn’t get much better than what fans are witnessing develop in the Iron Duck World Championships (presented by Michael J Real Estate and Mary Sells Scents) at Maris Farms. 

Three top-tier duck-athletes going at it every race, each of the last three weekends and all three vying for a series title after 12 races. At this point it’s tough to call, but we do know this: Christy BEAKly – the cute little fowl with a muffin top cap – is consistent, having at least one win in each of the past three weekends; QUACKie Chan is a bit of a beast on the race coarse, bullying his way to 4 victories and now all tied up with BEAKly for the series lead; and DUCK Norris just hangs around, adding a win here and a win there – he won the weekend’s first race and now has three in three weeks, one win off the pace. 

“Same QUAFFic jam we had after last weekend, only the boiling kettle of water is starting to boil now as the pressure starts to build toward an end-of-season scramble,” BEAKly told the press gathering late Sunday afternoon. “I’m feeling pretty darn good though, not as much pressure on me as I wasn’t expected to be here anyway.” 

Compared to her more experienced and established Iron Duck-Athletes, BEAKly is correct. QUACKie Chan and DUCK Norris have both captured season series titles in the past and are often amongst the favorites to win any race. This situation is a little unusual for them both as they’re not used to the competition from a relatively unknown entity. 

“BEAKly at this point may be the BEAST and not the “BEAUTY” amongst us,” said Norris, acting a bit unnerved by her efforts thus far. “I don’t see a real weakness to this point in her racing, but we’ve got a couple of weekends to figure it out.” 

QUACKie could only shake his head and blurt out a few fowl comments that were not fit for print following the weekend’s final race, which he did win, but not without a bit of controversy as replays showed it may very well have been BEAKly that crossed before him. 

Again, BEAKly was not shy about letting everyone know she’s a force to be reckoned with: “Beauty is only feather deep, but I’ve got lots of “beast” inside that seeps out once the racing begins. I won’t go lightly or without my feathers flyin’ ferociously to the end.” 

A total of $81 was raised this past weekend for local nonprofit Celebrate HARVEST through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races, bringing the total over three weekends to $233. Fans placed 79 “bets” and QUACKie Chan had the most with 27. Through three racing weekends, 218 bets have been placed (QUACKie Chan has the most with 77 overall). Racing will resume this weekend – Saturday and Sunday at 1 and 3 pm – at Maris Farms.

Here are the results after the third weekend:

#1 – QUACKIE Chan  4 / 27 77
#2 – DUCK Norris  3 / 16 50
#3 – Sir QUACKS-a-lot 0 / 10 32
#4 – Christy BEAKly  4 / 9 29
#5 – DUCKleberry Finn 1 / 17 34
Christy BEAKly takes 3 of 4 weekend races and pulls atop Iron Duck Series leaderboard 

Yes, looks can be deceiving, and Christy BEAKly is proving that with each passing weekend of racing at the Iron Duck World Championships (presented by Michael J Real Estate and Mary Sells Scents) at Maris Farms. Her cute little pompom hair hat might create a look of elegance, even innocence. But all of that goes away when the Crested beauty enters the racing arena. 

“She’s becoming beastly,” said duck race announcer Dennis “QUACKmaster” Riley. “And she’s made a decision that none of those ‘good ole’ boys’ are going to get to her. She’s a hammer, and she’s put herself in a pretty solid position to take home a season title.” 

Indeed she has. After capturing 3 of 4 races this past weekend, the only female competitor in the field of 5 duck-athletes can secure that title with 2 wins (of the 4 remaining races left) this upcoming weekend. She now leads the season series with 7 wins, while QUACKie Chan has 5 and DUCK Norris has 3. 

“I’ll be focused on what I need to do, but the most important thing is that I get my rest this week and not let those boys try and intimidate,” BEAKly said following Sunday’s final race. “They like to talk a lot of QUACK, and I just let it roll off my back. I imagine they won’t let up, especially QUACKie and DUCK – they are still a viable threat if I’m not ready to roll.” 

QUACKie, the most popular amongst the feathered field of five, is not backing down one bit from the quest for a title. 

“BEAKly has been bringin’ it these past two weekends, but I haven’t raced my best yet,” QUACKie explained to a press gathering Sunday. “I’ll have a few tricks up my tail feathers for her to contend with this weekend. It’s not a done deal, and I’m well within striking distance.” 

A total of $90 was raised this past weekend for local nonprofit Celebrate HARVEST through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races, bringing the total over three weekends to $323. Fans placed 129 “bets” and QUACKie Chan and Sir QUACKs-A-Lot had the most with 30 each. Through three racing weekends, 347 bets have been placed (QUACKie Chan has the most with 107 overall). Racing will resume this weekend – Saturday and Sunday at 1 and 3 pm – at Maris Farms.

Here are the results after the fourth weekend:

#1 – QUACKIE Chan  5 / 57 107
#2 – DUCK Norris  3 / 44 78
#3 – Sir QUACKS-a-lot 0 / 30 62
#4 – Christy BEAKly  7 / 35 51
#5 – DUCKleberry Finn 1 / 15 49

Determined ducks take to pond at Maris Farms with a new title sponsor for ‘Iron Duck’ series

And a brand new nonprofit will benefit from the funds raised through race fan ‘betting’

It’ll be a hungry and competitive crop of quacks – and a brand new title sponsor – hitting the race pond this fall at Maris Farms for the annual Iron Duck Championship series. This year, the event is presented by MarySellsScents and Michael J. Real Estate, two local businesses committed to local causes. And the proceeds from all bets placed by race fans this fall will go to a new recipient as well – nonprofit Celebrate HARVEST, whose mission it is to preserve family farms by inspiring and financially supporting present-day farmers and future experiential farmers. 

“We’re very excited about coming back after a year away due to the pandemic in 2020,” track master Steve Templeman said. “We have an awesome title sponsor and some of the best DUCK-athletes we’ve had since the start of this series in 2012! MarySellsScents and Michael J Real Estate give the event some serious legitimacy now, and our charity recipient has an awesome cause. We’re geared up for a fantastic season and some exciting competition!” 

This season’s DUCK-athletes are QUACKie Chan, DUCK Norris, Sir QUACKS-a-lot, Christy BEAKly & DUCKleberry Finn. 

“We’ve all missed the crazy competition between these fired up fowl this past year, “race announcer and QUACKmaster Dennis Riley said. “It may take a few races for them to figure out exactly what the duck is going on. But they’re back, they’re hungry and they’re ready to make a name for themselves in this sport.” 

Training started late this fall and is continuing up to opening day, Oct. 2nd . The Buckley farm hosts the live duck races at 1 and 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. A duck “parade” from the duck quarters to the race pond precedes each race and then they march back to their quarters following each race. 

Even with a year-long hiatus due to the pandemic, the mantra remains the same: swim, flutter and run! It’s live duck racing with a triathlon twist! 

The 2021 Iron ‘DUCK’ Series features the following DUCK-athletes: 

#1 – QUACKie Chan

#2 – DUCK Norris 

#3 – Sir QUACKS-a-lot

#4 – Christy BEAKly 

#5 – DUCKleberry Finn

Help us help preserve family farms and the future of experiential farming. Donate today and #goDOfarms!

About Celebrate HARVEST (Helping Agriculture Reimagine Via Entertainment, Scholarships & Tourism)

Celebrate HARVEST is a nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is to preserve traditional family farms by promoting and supporting experiential farming, also known as agritainment – it’s Farming Reimagined. Celebrate HARVEST is also committed to inspiring youth to pursue the agritainment profession via continuing education awards for those wanting to pursue some aspect of experiential farming as well as funding of field trips to experiential farms for underserved students/schools. It also helps fund/build/manage non-traditional farming events/activities at experiential farms as a means of adding to the farms appeal and a potential fund-raising event/activity for Celebrate HARVEST.

About the Duck Races 

This special event race is patterned after the famed Iron Man Triathlon, where competitors (human, that is) challenge one another over a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 2.2-mile marathon along the Kona (hawaii) coast each October. However, instead of 1800 human racing machines, Maris Farms will serve up a half dozen of the finest DUCK-athletes in Pierce County, and they’ll cover a grand total of 200 feet!

The ducks start at one end of an old cow fieder by swimming 100 feet one direction, then climbing a ramp to a platform built over the swim pond and “running/fluttering” back to where they started. First one back is the winner. In all, there are 20 races during the season. The duck with the most victories over that period is crowned Iron ‘DUCK’ Series Champion.

The month-long event helps raise money for nonprofit Celebrate HARVEST by allowing people to place bets on who they believe will win each race. Those bets are given in the form of a donation the Celebrate HARVEST. To date, the event has raised more than $3,200 for the Fisher House and Wounded Warrior Project since starting in 2012. Each “betting” participant receives a special duck bill. They also receive a numbered raffle ticket – they keep half and put the other half in the betting slot of their “predicted” winner. At the end of the race, the announcer will draw a name from the “winning” duck’s slot, and that individual will win a prize from one of our sponsors. 


Exposure to customers occurs inside & outside of the pig/animal barn and during our three sessions of racing on Saturday and Sunday during the entire month of October. Exposure also occurs with any partnering radio station’s web site and with weekly updates and photos of each pig in uniform, weekly press releases beginning in mid-September and lasting through the month of October that go out to all local newspaper, radio and tv affiliates as well as on the Celebrate HARVEST and Maris Farms web sites and Facebook pages; Participating sponsors will also be exposed on all printed materials that are posted at the farm and within the community talking about the event. All sponsors are expected to participate in prize contributions as well.

Help us help preserve family farms and the future of experiential farming. Donate today & #goDOfarms!

Thank you to our amazing Duck Race sponsors!