Corn Maze

Come Visit!

It’s aMAZEing by day … and a real challenge at night!  Take a unique hike through the cornfield.  A field of corn with trails carved in a maze design you can solve with help of clue cards available at the maze entrance.

The corn maze boasts a new theme each year and has included tributes to firefighters, the farm life, the state quarter, the Seahawks and their 12th Man, Huskies vs Cougars, and Mount Rainier.  The maze can take up to 45 minutes to solve and you’ll experience the challenge of solving the maze with few landmarks except for characters and interactive games we’ve provided to help you along.

We’re featuring a local non-profit, Celebrate Harvest with this year’s corn maze design. Celebrate Harvest’s mission is to support and increase awareness in alternative farming, such as experiential farming, or agri-tainment. Celebrate Harvest’s support includes educational scholarships in fields involving agri-tainment, as well as school field trip scholarships to local farms.

Trails are dirt with up to 300 yards of bark added to help reduce mud as well as help with traction, and you can enjoy the panoramic view of the farm from two large bridges you’ll traverse along the way. We design and maintain the trails to be as safe as possible, but keep in mind: rain + dirt = mud, so come prepared!


Flashlight Maze

We open the corn maze for night owls on select evenings during October for your Flashlight Adventure.  The maze remains open until the last traveler leaves the maze. This nighttime hike through cornfield trails carved in a maze design is not haunted, but certainly a fun adventure for all ages.  The maze can take up to 45 minutes to solve and you’ll experience the challenge of solving the maze with few landmarks except for the characters we’ve provided and clues to help you along.

Admission will be online only!

We reserve the right to cancel the night corn maze due to weather conditions.

A few friendly rules …

We want you to be safe, so please be aware of our rules provided for your safety and others also traveling the maze.  Supervision of youth strongly advised:

  1. Flashlights are required at night.
  2. No picking or throwing corn
  3. Stay on the trail – this is to keep you safe as well as our corn (it won’t grow back once it’s knocked down)
  4. No running.
  5. Remember the Golden Rule: Be considerate to others and to the property you are on (Leave the netting & signs alone and put garbage in a trash container).
  6. The obvious: No smoking, alcohol or drugs, and if you’re under the influence of the latter two, please don’t visit our farm.
  7. Violators of any of the above will be removed from venue with no refund.