School Field Trips

Plan your October field trip to Maris Farms for a fun and interactive learning experience!

A mix of agricultural learning and lots of outdoor action create the perfect out-of-the classroom learning experience for any age. A Maris Farms field trip provides an opportunity for your students to learn about farm activities and products relating to science, geography and math with lots of active outdoor fun. Now scheduling trips for October.


*$6 per child (2 and up)
*$9 per adult (pumpkin additional)
Teaching staff and one adult for five paid students complimentary.

Student field trip admission includes visits to the listed stations and a field trip pumpkin. Each child receives a coupon for free general admission to return during regular business hours.

*Listed Field Trip admission includes sales tax.

Guided October Field Trips

OverviewYour field trip lasts about 2-1/2 hours.Additional pumpkins may be purchased separately.
The farm opens to the public at 1 PM on weekdays.

What’s included:
Explore the corn maze
Bee hive station
Trout pond
Corn Room
Cow Train Ride
Visit farm animals
Pumpkin patch
Barnyard playground

Self-Guided Field Trips
Available by reservation on Fridays

Self-guided field trips are available by reservation on Fridays in October. The self-guided field trip offers an educational scavenger hunt activity that includes all the Field Trip elements listed above. Educational talks on honey bees, trout and farm life will be scheduled throughout the field trip day.

Reservation Request

Field Trip Reservation

Now scheduling for fall 2020 with trips beginning Oct 6th. Use this form to make reservations for School Field Trips. Please fill out all requested information. Use your mouse or TAB key to move from field to field.
  • Who's Attending for School Field Trip

  • Your visit will include the field trip corn maze, hayride, cow train ride, a visit with our farm animals, a trip to the pumpkin patch for a small pumpkin, playtime in the barnyard playground, and more learning experiences on the farm. Field trips take 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Additional pumpkins may be purchased separately. Pricing is $9 per child (2 and up), adults $6, teaching staff complimentary (prices include sales tax).

    Thanks for requesting reservations for field trips with Maris Farms. We will phone you to get details about dates and times and any special needs.
    If you'd like a 20 minute window to eat lunch or a snack at the end of your trip, please let us know so we can work that into your visit.
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If you have questions about your field trip, please call 253-533-7484