Late Bloomer Day

U-Pick Sunflower Harvest at Maris Farms

August 27, 2022 from 5-8 PM

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Late Bloomer Day @ Maris Farms

August 27, 5-8 PM

U-Pick Sunflower Harvest

Admission is $12 per person. Admission includes access to the flower fields. Purchase of flowers is additional:
$3 per bloom, or $2 per bloom for 10 or more or a bucket full for $20.

Bring your own bucket or we will have a limited number of 5 gallon buckets available for purchase. No activities or concessions will be offered, as the farm is essentially buttoned up and set to prepare for Fall. This is a great opportunity to bring out a picnic basket, blanket and enjoy an evening taking pictures, picking flowers and watching the sunset.
Field/Farm close at 8 PM. Parking lot will be locked at 8:15. Any cars remaining will be towed at owner’s expense.

Admission is charged for those ages 3 & older. Two & under are free.

Please keep in mind that flower sales will be with card only, as the farm will be cashless for this date.

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Parking is free! Whether you’re in a tour bus, truck, car, bike, moped, or motorcycle. Whatever you take to come visit, we have plenty of free parking for all, available all weekend long!

We don’t, but you can! Grab a pair of clippers from our u-pick area and venture out into our special u-pick field to find yourself the perfect sunflower to take home.

We wouldn’t recommend expensive heels or your Sunday best. Anything that might not go well with a little dirt, you might want to leave at home. We are a farm and you will be walking in dirt fields. And though we do our best to ensure there are some areas that remain clean and dry, most of our pathways are dirt and can get muddy on wet days.

We advise you to bring the following:

  • Gumboots or good walking shoes/boots – that way, rain or shine, you’re prepared for all weather conditions. Forgot to bring a pair? No worries. We have disposable booties available, for those exceptionally wet days.
    • An umbrella, or something with a hood, in case it rains.
    • A rain jacket, to keep you warm and toasty as you stroll the fields. And layering clothes is always a good option, so you can remove items if it gets hot, or add them in if it’s a bit chilly.

Sorry, tickets are non-refundable.

No, but thanks for asking!

Some of the Flower Varieties


Sunrich Gold

Sunrich Lime

Sunrich Orange


Full Sun

Maris Farms will become your destination for seasonal celebrations.

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