Farm Policies & Tips for Visiting

Ensuring you a safe and successful visit!

Farm Policies

**Please note that we are cashless. Cash may be exchanged for a gift card at our gift shop. CREDIT CARDS ONLY.

As parents ourselves, as well as the owners of Maris Farms, we strive to provide a fun and safe environment so that visitors of all ages can enjoy their experience.

Please plan on participating with your children and supervising them as they experience Maris Farms. Doing so will help create family memories as well as ensure their safety and well being.

As a real working farm, Maris Farms is operated around a rustic dairy farm setting and natural environments.  If you travel to the corn maze or pumpkin patch you will encounter uneven terrain, rocks, mud, and corn leaves.  Please plan accordingly.

Please obey both common sense and established rules of each venue when visiting. We welcome any and all input to help us improve our facility.

If rain conditions at the time of your visit forces your fun to end early, you can request a rain check to return another day and use your paid admission as credit toward your return visit. For example, weekday admission is $10, if your visit qualifies for a rain check situation, you can return another weekday and not pay anything additional. If you return on a weekend, you would need to pay the difference between weekday and weekend admission.

We are glad you thought of using Maris Farms and its amazing scenery as a backdrop to your clients’ photos. We’ve developed several options to help you and your clients capture the seasonal beauty of the farm in your photographs.

Semi-private rental, great for mini-sessions: On Wednesdays in September and Tuesdays in October, photographers can to arrange to rent out the farm for photo shoots, when we are closed to the public. This option was created with the intention to create an environment that will allow for better quality photos as well as a better experience for photographers and their clients. This is a semi-private rental, as there will be other photographers allowed to also rent the farm for the same purpose. The price of renting the farm out per photographer is $150 per hour (1 hour minimum). Since the farm will be closed, no activities or merchandise will be available. To book for a photo rental, please call 253-862-2848 or email: to reserve your spot.

Non-private photo shoots: If photographer would like to conduct photo shoots on days when the farm is open to the public, both photographers and their clients alike are required to pay farm admission applicable to time of visit (photographers may benefit by purchasing a season pass if they foresee using the farm multiple times during regular hours). It probably goes without saying, but we want to make sure there is an understanding that equipment, staging or photography cannot interfere with the enjoyment or access to the facility by other customers.

Tips for Your Visit

It’s fall time. The weather can be unpredictable — sunny and 70’s one weekend, sideways rain the next. You want to make sure and dress for the occasion. Our suggestions are footwear that can handle mud, gravel and uneven terrain -recommended rubber boots – and a warm jacket and/or rain jacket for the unpredictable sun-to-rain, rain-to-sun, sun-back-to-rain two hour visit you’ll have. Nighttime activities will bring out the chill, so keep that in mind. Even if its dry when you visit, if we’ve had persistent rains in the week leading up to your visit, you will most likely be navigating around puddles and some mud. Your best Tennis Shoes, dress shoes and high heels are a bad idea on the farm!

Weekdays are quieter than weekends at Maris Farms.  Many of the food vendors and other extra activity vendors are not available, but an excellent option for the value-seeker or those who like things a little slower paced.

What you bring will depend on what you want to do and what the weather is like. On a rainy day, be sure and bring your umbrella and boots, as well as a rain slicker and possibly some towels to wipe off mud and dry off before getting back in your vehicle. Bring flashlights ONLY for the night corn maze.

Based on date and time, some activities or attractions may not be available during the week. Please check the Plan Your Visit page for detailed options.

Bottled water, canned soda, chips & candy and Espresso are available on weekdays. On weekends, more food and drink options are available.

We offer free parking, but there are small windows on busy weekends when the parking lot is full. If you see cars parked on the road, it does not necessarily mean the parking lot is full when you arrive. Please try to park in our parking lot before choosing to park on road.

Since this is a natural terrain event, there are areas in the Haunted Woods and corn maze that are not accessible by mobility scooters or motorized wheelchairs. If these areas were to be part of your visit, please contact us (253-318-2927 or 253-380-7771) prior to purchasing your ticket so we can be ready to give you the best experience.

Special Note to Parents: As parents as well as owners of Maris Farms, we strive to provide a fun experience for all ages. Please supervise your children when visiting Maris Farms, not only to ensure their safety and well being, but also to share in the memories. Due to a high and intense fright factor, our Haunted Woods may not be appropriate for children.

Well-socialized, friendly, leashed dogs can attend during your daytime visit, but must register upon entry at our information booth. You are required to clean up after you pet during your visit. Please be sure to bring waste bags.