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SQUEAKness winner no longer ‘little’ or a ‘secret’

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Buckley, WA.


She’s become a star in three short weeks of hog racing at Maris Farms.

Gritty, a bit edgy at times and always a conversation piece amongst fans at the race track for her “larger than life” stature and larger than racemates physical size, Dirty Little Secret had her coming out party Saturday at PIGlico Downs after capturing the second leg of the Triple PIG Crown Series presented by Wally’s Drive In.

The portly pig held off a charging Chuck SOWell – her iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS/Blazing Bagels teammate – at the finish to win the SQUEAKness by a snout.

“I got out fast and felt strong throughout, but I could feel him on my ham on that last turn,” said an overjoyed and exhausted ‘Secret’ at the post race press conference. “I was not going to be denied this weekend, not after taking him for granted and losing in the PIGtucky Derby to him the way I did.”

Indeed, SOWell showed his experience with a victory in the first leg of the series two weekends ago by barely qualifying for it and then smokin’ the field come race time. But this week, a determined Dirty Little Secret was ready, and SOWell noticed.

“She’s definitely not as she appears and I think you all have learned that these past few weekends,” said SOWell, making reference to her large physical frame and the larger-than-life aura she’s brought to the hog racing pen. “People think that she’s not a threat because of her physical appearance. We didn’t take her serious at first, but hey, the cat’s out of the bag now. Don’t judge a book by its cover both on or off the track.”

An enigma of sorts, even her name implies that she’d be a tiny pig. She’s anything butt. In fact, she’s the largest of her four teammates (as well as the other racing groups’ hogs) both in size and now in stature.

“She’s not to be taken lightly. She’s a competitor,” SOWell continued. “She knows how to compete. She puts her work in and she’s a student of the sport. She’s also attracting fans that aren’t just pig race fans. People come to the racing quarters and the races and you can tell they want to see her.”

The lineup is set for the final leg of the Triple PIG Crown series this Saturday – the BOARmont Stakes – with teammates Dirty Little Secret and Chuck SOWell (both Iheartradio Seattle Jock Hogs/Blazing Bagels), This Little MIGgy (Entercom Jock Hogs/Dillanos Coffee Roasters) and Marty SQUEALer (Iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS/Blue Max Meats).

For the weekend, a total of $445 was raised ($912 total for season) for Seattle Children’s Hospital through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races. A total of 513 “bets” (1,059 total for season) were placed for the weekend and This Little MIGGY had the most bets placed on him (115).

Dirty Little Secret and Chuck SOWell sit atop the Triple PIG Crown series leader board with 9 wins/10 points apiece as well as leading their own Iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS racing group; Marty SQUEALer has 6 wins/6 points to lead the POTTER PIGS/Iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS II group; This Little MIGgy has collected 9 victories/9 points to lead the Entercom Jock HOGS racing group and is in the hunt with ‘Secret’ and SOWell for a series title.

2017 TPC SERIES RESULTS                                             WINS         SEASON POINTS

Iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS  presented by BLAZING BAGELS:

#933 Dirty Little Secret**                                                                  9                                  10

#950 Chuck SOWell*                                                                         9                                  10

#957 Jody BOARthers                                                                       0                                  0

#1061 BenderLOIN                                                                            0                                  0

THE POTTER PIGS/iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS II presented by BLUE MAX MEATS

#11 HAMMY Potter                                                                           4                                  4

#12 VoldePORK                                                                                4                                  4

#950-2 SlickHOG                                                                               2                                  2

#957-2 Marty SQUEALer                                                                  6                                  6

Entercom Seattle Jock HOGS presented by DILLANOS COFFEE ROASTERS

#99.9 This Little MIGGY                                                                     9                                  9

#9992 The Thrill                                                                                 1                                  1

#1007 Randy SWINE                                                                         4                                  4

103.7 Eric “PORKY” Powers                                                             2                                  2

*Indicates victory in marquee race (*PIGtucky Derby, **SQUEAKness or ***BOARmont Stakes)


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