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SOWell cruising after BOARmont Stakes victory

Chuck SOWell inched ever closer to securing a Triple PIG Crown season series title by virtue of an old-fashioned hamkickin’ in the BOARmont Stakes and four more weekend wins at Maris Farms this weekend.

SOWell (representing the the iheartradio Seattle Jock Hogs, presented by Blazing Bagels), who started slow and was actually in third place in turn two, hit another gear along the backstretch at PIGlico Downs and literally smoked past This Little MIGgy and teammate Dirty Little Secret to win going away by 5 pig nose lengths.

“Felt a lot more loose and a lot less pressure,” SOWell said during his post-race press conference Saturday. “I had confidence in my ability to hit that next gear if I got just a little space on that backstretch. When ‘MIGgy’ took the inside and ‘Secret’ stayed middle, I just took put my snout down and went for it on the outside.”

SOWell now has 13 wins and 17 points and took a commanding lead in the Triple PIG Crown (presented by Wally’s Drive In) season series over Dirty Little Secret (10 wins, 12 points), who managed only one win all weekend. SOWell has earned 4 extra points with wins in the PIGtucky Derby and BOARmont, while ‘Secret’ has earned 2 extra points with a win in The SQUEAKness.

“No doubt, ‘Secret’ had a tough weekend, but she’s not to be taken for granted,” SOWell said. “She’s a competitor and his not going down without a fight. And ‘MIGgy’ has experience. He’s still in this.”

‘MIGgy’ (representing the Entercom Seattle Jock Hogs presented by Dillanos Coffee Roasters) is within striking distance of SOWell with 12 wins/12 points. Both he and Dirty Little Secret would have to win all six of their races in their respective groups this next weekend to even have a shot at catching SOWell. But with two more wins this upcoming weekend, SOWell will win the season series title.

“I’d like to just put things away on Saturday and have an easy last day of racing on Sunday,” SOWell said. “Can’t let up with those two. They can get on streaks as good as any hog racers I’ve ever seen.”

“As long as there’s a chance, I’ll keep my tail curled, my ears pinned forward and my snout at the ready,” MIGgy told reporters. “Six wins this weekend? Not impossible. But SOWell not winning at least twice? Not sure that wouldn’t require a miracle as hot a hog as he’s been!”

“Chuck sucks,” teammate ‘Secret’ snorted following the Sunday’s last race. “I’m pullin’ out all the stops this next weekend. I struggled today, all weekend in fact, but that will change this weekend.”

For the weekend, a total of $342 was raised ($1,254 total for season) for Seattle Children’s Hospital through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races. A total of 358 “bets” (1,417 total for season) were placed for the weekend and This Little MIGGY had the most bets placed on him (78).

Chuck SOWell (13 wins/17 points), This Little MIGgy (12 wins/12 points) and Dirty Little Secret (10 wins/12 points) sit atop the Triple PIG Crown series leader board with 6 more races left to go. SOWell is the leader in the Iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS racing group (presented by Blazing Bagels); Marty SQUEALer has 8 wins/8 points to lead the POTTER PIGS/Iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS II group (presented by Blue Max Meats); This Little MIGgy has collected 12 victories/12 points to lead the Entercom Jock HOGS racing group (presented by Dillanos Coffee Roasters)

2017 TPC SERIES RESULTS                                            WINS         SEASON POINTS

Iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS  presented by BLAZING BAGELS:

#933 Dirty Little Secret**                                                             10                                12

#950 Chuck SOWell****                                                               13                                17

#957 Jody BOARthers                                                                    1                                  1

#1061 BenderLOIN                                                                        0                                  0

THE POTTER PIGS/iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS II presented by BLUE MAX MEATS

#11 HAMMY Potter                                                                          6                                  6

#12 VoldePORK                                                                                4                                  4

#950-2 SlickHOG                                                                               3                                  3

#957-2 Marty SQUEALer                                                                  8                                  8

Entercom Seattle Jock HOGS presented by DILLANOS COFFEE ROASTERS

#99.9 This Little MIGGY                                                                     12                                12

#9992 The Thrill                                                                                  1                                  1

#1007 Randy SWINE                                                                        4                                  4

103.7 Eric “PORKY” Powers                                                             4                                  4

*Indicates victory in marquee race (*PIGtucky Derby, **SQUEAKness or ***BOARmont Stakes)

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