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These little fellas haven’t learned to come by the call “Sooie!!” yet, but they are fast learners.

Unless you’re an Arkansas Razorback fan, you probably haven’t heard the “Sooie!!” call. We all know “Here Kitty, Kitty” will call in your feline friend, cows are commonly called by “Come Boss!”, and “Sooie!!” works for the pigs. The term most likely comes from the pig’s genus “Sus” (the more you know!).

These young Sus will soon by joined by a herd of 8 adorable goats (“Here Goat-Goat!”), sheep Marshmallow and Ziggy (“Here Sheep-Sheep!”), some feathered barn mates (“Here Chick-Chick!”) and of course come cuddly, fluffy barn residents.

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