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Sizzling Chuck SOWell captures ‘Run for Noses’

Last season, Chuck SOWell says he left all he had on the track every time he raced. This season, he had a bit more of a strategy, particularly toward qualifying rounds and running the first leg of the Triple PIG Crown series – The PIGtucky Derby – which was run this past Saturday at Maris Farms.

“I’ve learned it’s better to realize it’s a long season, and not get caught up too much in EVERY time out on the track,” said SOWell, recalling his dominance from last season before a heartbreaking loss in the TPC series finale to a blowhard hog named Mr. Wiggy Piggy. “I had already expended so much energy and effort in winning last year’s first two marquee races and I did not have anything left for that last one. There’s at least 24 qualifying races and 3 big ones; you only need to be ready to rock for half the qualifiers and all the big ones.”

SOWell (representing the iheartradio Seattle Jock Hogs, presented by Blazing Bagels) barely even qualified for the this Derby – often referred to as the ‘Run for Noses’ – but did by virtue of capturing his final qualifier earlier on Saturday with a narrow victory over race mate Dirty Little Secret. She’s been dominating early on in her own right.

“I didn’t think of him as much of a threat to even qualify, let alone win the Derby,” said Dirty Little Secret, who still leads all Iheartradio Jock Hogs teammates with 7 total victories in 11 races. “I guess SOWell knew what he was doing, and I’ll have to be better prepared this Saturday for the SQUEAKness.”

It was actually another experienced racing hog – This Little MIGgy – that was the favorite going into the PIGtucky Derby. MIGgy (representing the Entercom Seattle Jock Hogs presented by Dillanos Coffee Roasters) still leads all racing hogs with 8 wins and had qualified with the most wins at 5.

He made a hard charge down the stretch in Saturday’s Derby and almost caught SOWell at the end.

“I was a bit overconfident,” MIGgy said. “This Saturday (for the SQUEAKness), I’ll have my mind right.”

Racers with the most wins from each racing group, plus the next hog with the most wins (from any of the three groups), qualify for this Saturday’s SQUEAKness (2 pm) at PIGlico Downs. Dirty Little Secret, This Little MIGgy and Chuck SOWell have officially qualified by way of overwhelming leads in their respective race groups and/or by virtue of winning the PIGtucky Derby. The battle for the fourth and final spot will between VoldePORK (4 wins so far), HAMmy Potter (3 wins so far) and Marty SQUEALer (3 wins so far). And that’ll come down the final qualifying race on Saturday at noon.

For the weekend, a total of $242 was raised ($467 total for season) for Seattle Children’s Hospital through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races. A total of 281 “bets” (546 total for season) were placed and This Little MIGGY had the most bets placed on him (43).

2017 TPC SERIES RESULTS                                            WINS         SEASON POINTS

Iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS  presented by BLAZING BAGELS:

#933 Dirty Little Secret                                                                      7                                  7

#950 Chuck SOWell*                                                                         5                                  7

#957 Jody BOARthers                                                                       0                                  0

#1061 BenderLOIN                                                                           0                                  0

THE POTTER PIGS/iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS presented by BLUE MAX MEATS

#11 HAMMY Potter                                                                          3                                  3

#12 VoldePORK                                                                                4                                  4

#950-2 SlickHOG                                                                               1                                  1

#957-2 Marty SQUEALer                                                                  3                                  3

Entercom Seattle Jock HOGS presented by DILLANOS COFFEE ROASTERS

#99.9 This Little MIGGY                                                                     8                                  8

#9992 The Thrill                                                                                  0                                  0

#1007 Randy SWINE                                                                        2                                  2

103.7 Eric “PORKY” Powers                                                             1                                  1

*Indicates victory in marquee race (PIGtucky Derby, SQUEAKness or BOARmont Stakes)

The 2017 Triple ‘PIG’ Crown racing series, presented by Wally’s Drive In, features the following three racing groups and their corresponding sponsors:

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