Tommy HilPIGer has ‘designs’ on triple crown!

Hot hog continues history-making season by capturing SQUEAKness, winning 12th straight and aiming for a sweep of three TPC marquee races

He’s no longer considered an underHOG. Tommy HilPIGer is now looked at as a serious threat to blow away all past Triple PIG Crown series winners as THE best of all time.

With his 12th straight victory to end racing on Sunday and another victory in the second jewel of the Triple PIG Crown series – The SQUEAKness – HilPIGer has positioned himself to become the all-time winningest thoroughHOG to ever compete in the TPC series (presented by Wally’s Drive In).

Should HilPIGer capture the morning qualifier race on Saturday and then earn a victory in the BOARmont Stakes (2 pm, PDT) as well as the final race at 4 pm, he will have not only become the first Triple Crown winner since Arnold SchwartzenHOGger did it in 2012, he will surpass the longest winning streak in TPC series history (14 by SchwartzenHOGger in 2012).

“I’m going to remain as humble and focused a hog as possible over this next weekend,” HilPIGer (of the Movers & Shakers SWINE, Westside Pizza) told a post-race press gathering on Sunday afternoon. “I’m not really one for hogging the spotlight, and I know what’s happening is pretty special. But I can’t think about any of that until I’ve completed my mission: a TPC series title.”

The sleek, all-black racing hog has taken the pig-racing world by storm, and even his fellow racing colleagues can’t say enough.

“Hard-nosed, focused, he’s got a motor,” said Jimmy FalLOIN (of the Talking Head HOGS, Dillanos Coffee Roasters), who finished second to HilPIGer in the SQUEAKness. “I don’t think there’s much of doubt, unless Fastest 15 (of the Bonneville BOARS, Blazing Bagels) or LetterHAM (Talking Head HOGS, Dillanos Coffee Roasters) get hot and he cools waaaaaaayyyyy down. I just don’t see that happening.”

Longtime race announcer and self-proclaimed PIG Whisperer Dennis Riley has seen EVERY pig race at PIGlico Downs/Maris Farms since the TPC series started 13 years ago. He says what we’re witnessing in HilPIGer is unprecedented.

“No hog has been this dominant since maybe SchwartzenHOGger back in ’12,” Riley recalled. “But even Schwartzy was challenged throughout that season with a couple of tough races. With HilPIGer, it’s almost like he was designed for greatness.”

Again, as he was last week, HilPIGer will be the favorite heading into this weekend’s third and final marquee race.

“I’m not changing my routine. I’m not changing my outlook or approach. I’m just going to treat each race exactly the same,” HilPIGer said. “Snout down, ears pinned back, feet moving.”

Every dollar bet on the races is donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital and is matched by Northwest Motorsports.

The 2019 Triple ‘PIG’ Crown racing series, presented by Wally’s Drive In:


2019 TPC SERIES RESULTS                                            WINS        SEASON POINTS

Movers & Shakers SWINE presented by WESTSIDE PIZZA

#1 Albert EinSWINE                                                                        3                                  3

#2 Tommy HilPIGER                                                                                    14                         ***17

#3 E-LOIN Musk                                                                               0                                  0

#4 Jeff BOARzos                                                                               1                                  1



#5 David LetterHAM                                                                       7                                  7

#6 Jimmy FalLOIN                                                                          5                                  5

#7 ElLOIN DeGeneres                                                                      0                                  0

#8 ConHAM O’Brien                                                                         4                                  4


Bonneville BOARS presented by BLAZING BAGELS:


#9 Fastest 15 (Dori Monson)                                                             8                                  8

#10 The Know It All (Tom & Curley)                                               6                                  6

#11 True 2 The Blue (Mariners Station)                                            0                                  0

#12 The Go-To-PIG (Jim Moore on 710 ESPN)                               2                                  2


And thank you to our many other Triple PIG Crown series supporters, including Smith Brothers Farms, Molen Orthodontics, Washington Athletic Club, Salish Lodge, Goodwill and L&B Mini Ranch.


Winner of the *PIGtucky Derby earns an extra point; Winner of the **SQUEAKness earns 2 extra points; Winner of ***BOARmont Stakes earns 3 extra points; Win two of three marquee races, earn an extra 4 points; *Win all $three, earn an extra 5 points; Most wins for the season, earn an extra 5 points.


SQUEAKness PLAY BY PLAY: Fastest 15, FalLOIN, HilPIGer and LetterHAM were once again “the four” that earned spots in this marquee race. HilPIGer came out strong and shot out to a 15-snout lead over the rest of the field by the backstretch. He slowed a bit and as the others started gaining, he sprinted to the finish, cruising to a 20-snout victory. FalLOIN was second, LetterHAM third and Fastest 15 bringing up the rear.

TOTALS THROUGH 3 WEEKENDS ($ raised, bets placed): For the SQUEAKness (second jewel of the Triple PIG Crown series), $244 was raised for Seattle Children’s Hospital through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) and 270 bets were placed – both records for this race. A total of $689 was raised for the weekend and 752 bets placed – also, both records for this particular weekend. HilPIGer had 192 bets placed on him for the weekend. Total number of dollars raised through the first THREE weekends is $2,656 (includes matching dollars from NWMS) and total number of bets placed is 1,393. Every dollar donated is matched by Northwest Motorsports.

QUALIFIER SCENARIOS FOR BOARMONT STAKES: There will be one final qualifying race on Saturday at noon to fill the last open spot for The BOARmont Stakes (2 pm, Saturday). Fastest 15, David LetterHAM and HilPIGer are already qualified. The Know It All and Jimmy FalLOIN are vying for the final spot. If Know It All wins, he’s in; if FalLOIN wins and Know It All doesn’t, FalLOIN is in.

TPC SERIES CHASE: Tommy HilPIGer leads with 14 wins (17 points), Fastest 15 is second with 8 wins (8 points) and David LetterHAM is third with 7 wins (7 points).

STILL WINLESS: Through 18 races, 3 pigs still remain winless: E-LOIN Musk (Movers & Shakers SWINE, Westside Pizza), ElLOIN DeGeneres (Talking Head HOGS, Dillanos Coffee Roasters) and True2TheBlue (Bonneville BOARS, Blazing Bagels).