EinSWINE builds momentum with Sunday sooieep!

‘Overthinker’ positioned to qualify for PIGtucky Derby after strong performance; Fastest 15 leads all racers with 4 wins and has already qualified for marquee race

The story after weekend one of the 2019 Triple PIG Crown series is that there will likely be no clear favorite for an individual title, and that there is plenty of parity amongst these pig racers.

Albert EinSWINE (Movers & Shakers presented by Westside Pizza) swept on Sunday, winning all 3 races within his racing group to put himself in a strong position to qualify for this upcoming weekend’s PIGtucky Derby – the first of three marquee races. He’s sits atop the Movers & Shakers leaderboard. David LetterHAM and Jimmy FalLOIN (Talking Head HOGS presented by Dillanos Coffee Roasters) each collected 3 wins apiece to put themselves in position to qualify for the Derby as well. But it was Fastest 15 (Bonneville BOARS presented by Blazing Bagels) that took 2 out of 3 races on Saturday and again on Sunday to cement himself as the first to officially qualify for the Derby. He leads all pig racers with 4 wins.

“I know it’s a grind for the next 5 weeks, so it’s all about consistency and pacing yourself,” said the portly Fastest 15 (named after the Dori Monson show on 97.3 KIRO FM). “Wins are important but qualifying for the marquee races are what matters most. I’ll be conservative for the last qualifier Saturday morning and then focus on the Derby that afternoon.”

Fastest 15 compiled only 6 wins total for all of the 2018 season.

“He’s definitely showing he’s matured into a contenderizer,” said race announcer Dennis “Pig Whisperer” Riley following Sunday’s final races. “He looks like he’s much more seasoned…I mean experienced.”

The PIGtucky Derby is the first leg of the Triple PIG Crown series. It’s set for Saturday at 2 pm and at this point, it’s still too difficult to determine who will qualify (outside of Fastest 15) as five hogs are still battling for the three remaining spots.

“It might get a little heated on the track for that last qualifier,” EinSWINE told a small gathering of reporters at the end-of-day press conference on Sunday. “I’m not gonna overthink this as I’m often prone to do. I’m and underHOG here, so I have nothing to lose…outside of little weight. I’m just gonna let things roll and see how it goes.”

For the weekend, a total of $166 was raised for Seattle Children’s Hospital through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races. Every dollar donated is matched by Northwest Motorsports, so it was actually $332. A total of 126 “bets” were placed and Jeff BOARzos and ElLOIN DeGeneres had the most bets placed on them with 21 each.



The 2019 Triple ‘PIG’ Crown racing series, presented by Wally’s Drive In, features the following three racing groups and their corresponding sponsors:


2019 TPC SERIES RESULTS                                            WINS        SEASON POINTS

Movers & Shakers SWINE presented by WESTSIDE PIZZA

#1 Albert EinSWINE                                                                             3                                  3

#2 Tommy HilPIGER                                                                            2                                  2

#3 E-LOIN Musk                                                                                    0                                  0

#4 Jeff BOARzos                                                                                     1                                  1


#5 David LetterHAM                                                                           3                                  3

#6 Jimmy FalLOIN                                                                                3                                  3

#7 El-LOIN DeGeneres                                                                        0                                  0

#8 ConHAM O’Brien                                                                          0                                  0

Bonneville BOARS presented by BLAZING BAGELS:

#9 Fastest 15 (Dori Monson)                                                             4                                  4

#10 The Know It All (Tom & Curley)                                               2                                  2

#11 True 2 The Blue (Mariners Station)                                            0                                  0

#12 The Go-To-Guy (Jim Moore on 710 ESPN)                              0                                  0

And thank you to our many other Triple PIG Crown series supporters, including Smith Brothers Farms, Molen Orthodontics, Washington Athletic Club, Salish Lodge, Goodwill and L&B Mini Ranch.

Winner of the *PIGtucky Derby earns an extra point; Winner of the **SQUEAKness earns 2 extra points; Winner of ***BOARmont Stakes earns 3 extra points; Win two of three marquee races, earn an extra 4 points; *Win all $three, earn an extra 5 points; Most wins for the season, earn an extra 5 points.