HilPIGer’s historical run one for record books

Hot & humble hog finishes with a bang as well as TPC season series title;   E-LOIN Musk takes Survivor’s Challenge race for first and only victory


The ‘humble hog’ – as he became known throughout the month of October – became the ‘historical hog’ following the final race of the Triple PIG Crown series (presented by Wally’s Drive In) on Sunday afternoon at Maris Farms.

Tommy HilPIGER (of the Movers & Shakers SWINE/Westside Pizza) won 3 more races this past weekend, 2 on Sunday, and finished with 22 total wins out of 30 races – the most ever in the 13-year history of the TPC series – besting last year’s previous best of 21 wins by This Little MIGGY (Entertcom Jock HOGS/Dillanos Coffee Roasters). HilPIGer also became the first Triple Crown winner – taking the PIGtucky Derby, SQUEAKness and BOARmont Stakes – since Richard SOWmmons (Fitness Fanatics/Anytime Fitness) did it in 2013 and the fourth Triple Crown winner in TPC series’ history. HilPIGer’s consecutive wins streak reached 18 this season, just edging the previous record set by SOWmmons in 2013. And he finished with 38 total points for yet another record (previous was 27 by MIGGY, 2018)

“I doubt we see the likes of anything like HilPIGer out here ever again,” race announcer Dennis Riley said Sunday afternoon. “He’s umble and dominant and very competitive the moment he hits the track. He’s well liked by his race mates. And as consistent as any hog I’ve ever witnessed. He’s been a history-making machine from day-1!”

The Know It All (Bonneville BOARS/Blazing Bagels) was actually THE hottest hog of the weekend, taking all five of his races to finish with 13 wins and 2nd overall in the series. ConHAM O’Brien (Talking Head HOGS/Dillanos Coffee Roasters) won 4 of 5 races over the weekend and finished with 8 total, but his teammate Jimmy FalLOIN (Talking Head HOGS/Dillanos Coffee Roasters) was able to secure third place overall with one win on the weekend to move his win total to 11.

E-LOIN Musk (Movers & Shakers SWINE) captured his first and only win of the season against two other winless thoroughHOGS – E-LOIN DeGeneres (Talking Heads HOGS) and True2TheBlue (Bonneville BOARS) – in the TPC series’ season finale on Sunday afternoon. This was a race deemed the Survivor’s Challenge and not one of these three ran like it mattered (similar to their entire season).

HilPIGer was asked by a press gathering following Sunday’s finale if he planned on celebrating his history-making, record-setting, month-long effort.

“I’ll probably roll around in the mud, possibly grab a nice pancake meal somewhere,” he chuckled. “I’m definitely not one to go hog-wild, but I may even go get a little butt rub.”

The 2019 TPC season will also go down in the history books for how much it benefited Seattle Children’s Hospital via our fundraising efforts. Race fans are able to bet on the races and those bets are donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Total number of dollars raised this season was $3,812 (includes matching dollars from Northwest Motor Sports). The total number of bets placed was 2,087, another record.

The 2019 Triple ‘PIG’ Crown racing series, presented by Wally’s Drive In:


2019 TPC SERIES RESULTS                                           WINS         SEASON POINTS

Movers & Shakers SWINE presented by WESTSIDE PIZZA


#1 Albert EinSWINE                                                                        4                                  4

#2 Tommy HilPIGER                                                                         22                    ******38

#3 E-LOIN Musk                                                                               1                               #1

#4 Jeff BOARzos                                                                               3                                  3




#5 David LetterHAM                                                                     7                                  7

#6 Jimmy FalLOIN                                                                        11                               11

#7 ElLOIN DeGeneres                                                                       0                                  0

#8 ConHAM O’Brien                                                                         8                                  8


Bonneville BOARS presented by BLAZING BAGELS:


#9 Fastest 15 (Dori Monson)                                                              9                                  9

#10 The Know It All (Tom & Curley)                                               13                                13

#11 True 2 The Blue (Mariners Station)                                             0                                  0

#12 The Go-To-PIG (Jim Moore on 710 ESPN)                               4                                  4


And thank you to our many other Triple PIG Crown series supporters, including Smith Brothers Farms, Molen Orthodontics, Washington Athletic Club, Salish Lodge, Goodwill and L&B Mini Ranch.

Winner of the *PIGtucky Derby earns an extra point; Winner of the **SQUEAKness earns 2 extra points; Winner of ***BOARmont Stakes earns 3 extra points; Win two of three marquee races, earn an extra 4 points; *Win all $three, earn an extra 5 points; Most wins for the season, earn an extra 5 points. #Survivor Challenge winner.


SURVIVOR’S CHALLENGE PLAY BY PLAY: All winless, E-LOIN Musk (Movers & Shakers SWINE), ElLOIN DeGeneres (Talking Head HOGS) and True2TheBlue (Bonneville BOARS) each entered the starting chute as they had all season long – with no enthusiasm. When the chute opened signaling the start of the race, all three barely moved outside of it, stopping to root and never moving more than 5 feet at a time throughout the entire length of the track. It took the 3 hogs until the final stretch – and nearly 90 seconds – before E-LOIN Musk just happened to be the last one to shoot ahead and crossed the line by barely a pig nose-length ahead of E-LOIN DeGeneres for the victory. True2TheBlue was right on DeGeneres’ ham. There were great prizes for betting fans who selected the winner…a one-night stay at the Washington Athletic Club + dinner; $100 gift card to Glow Martini Lounge in Bonney Lake; a $90 credit with Smith Brothers for delivery service + milk box.

THE KNOW IT ALL, CONHAM O’BRIEN FINISH ON HOT STREAKS: The Know IT All (Bonneville BOARS) and ConHAM O’Brien (Talking Head HOGS) both had the hottest showings in this final weekend of racing at PIGlico Downs. The Know It All captured all five races he competed in and was able to secure a second place finish overall in the TPC series with 13 wins, shooting past Jimmy FalLOIN, who managed only one win to secure third place overall with 11 wins. ConHAM won 4 of the 5 races he competed in to place fourth overall with 8 total wins.

TOTALS ($ raised, bets placed) THROUGH ALL 5 WEEKENDS: Total number of dollars raised for all 5 weekends was $3,812 (includes matching dollars from NWMS) and total number of bets placed was 2,087. That brings the total raised for charity through the Triple PIG Crown series to close to $33,000 – more than $23,000 over its first nine years for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and a little more than $9,800 now for Seattle Children’s Hospital since 2016.