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A no-doubt display of dominance: Overpowering effort yields 5 wins and a Triple PIG Crown series title for Chuck SOWell

Chuck SOWell put an exclamation point on what may have been his most dominating performance of the month-long Triple PIG Crown series season at Maris Farms.

SOWell (representing the the iheartradio Seattle Jock Hogs, presented by Blazing Bagels) scorched the field of 12 racing hogs, which included his teammate – Dirty Little Secret – by taking 5 of 6 races this weekend and securing his first series title with 18 wins and 22 points.

It was a stunning turnaround following the first two weekends of racing, after which SOWell found himself a distant third overall with only 5 wins – albeit one was a PIGtucky Derby victory – in the first 12 races and behind both MIGgy and teammate ‘Secret’. He then went one to win 13 of the next 18 races, including the BOARmont Stakes.

“I just needed to conserve a little in those first couple of weekends. No need to show flash at first if you’re going to fizzle down the stretch,” SOWell explained to a press gathering following his final race on Sunday. “Long season. Lots of races. It’s about being study and pushing hard for THE BIG races. That’s all I did.”

This Little MIGgy (representing the Entercom Seattle Jock Hogs presented by Dillanos Coffee Roasters) faltered a bit the final three weekends, but still managed to finish second with 14 wins/14 points. He started off gangbusters with eight wins in his first 10 races, but completely ran out of gas, losing focus and momentum midway through the season.

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint and Chuck has been there,” a disappointed MIGgy snorted at the post-race press conference on Sunday. “He started slow that first two weekends, but overpowered us all when it mattered most. I should know better in terms of it being a long season and pacing myself.”

Dirty Little Secret struggled for the second straight weekend with only one win but still managed to finish third overall with 11 wins/13 points. And Marty SQUEALer (representing the POTTER PIGS/Iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS II group presented by Blue Max Meats) was fourth with 10 wins/10 points.

A disappointed ‘Secret’ gave her teammate kudos and credit.

“I thought, ‘you’re an old fart, you’re washed up,’ after the first few races,” she told reporters on Sunday. “But man, I have to say, Chucky found his focus, and made us all look like scrapple by the end of it all. Hopefully I can take this season, learn to pace myself a little better and come back strong in 2018.

For the weekend, a total of $357 was raised ($1,611 total for season) for Seattle Children’s Hospital through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races. A total of 387 “bets” (1,804 total for season) were placed for the weekend and Chuck SOWell had the most bets placed on him (88).

2017 TPC SERIES RESULTS                                             WINS         SEASON POINTS

Iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS  presented by BLAZING BAGELS:

#933 Dirty Little Secret**                                                                  11                                13

#950 Chuck SOWell****                                                                   18                                22

#957 Jody BOARthers                                                                       1                                  1

#1061 BenderLOIN                                                                            0                                  0

THE POTTER PIGS/iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS II presented by BLUE MAX MEATS

#11 HAMMY Potter                                                                           8                                  8

#12 VoldePORK                                                                                4                                  4

#950-2 SlickHOG                                                                               5                                  5

#957-2 Marty SQUEALer                                                                  10                                10

Entercom Seattle Jock HOGS presented by DILLANOS COFFEE ROASTERS

#99.9 This Little MIGGY                                                                     14                                14

#9992 The Thrill                                                                                 3                                  3

#1007 Randy SWINE                                                                         6                                  6

103.7 Eric “PORKY” Powers                                                             4                                  4

*Indicates victory in marquee race (*PIGtucky Derby, **SQUEAKness or ***BOARmont Stakes)


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