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Lookout DUCKtor Dre, here comes Wolfgang DUCK!

DUCKtor Dre remained atop the Iron DUCK World Championship series standings this past weekend by picking up a pair of victories on Saturday during both racing sessions and extending his win streak to four straight. That was before rookie duckathlete Wolfgang DUCK stole the show and Dre’s momentum heading into weekend three at Maris Farms by sweeping both races on Sunday afternoon.

Dre, with 4 wins total this season, was visibly shaken Sunday at the post-race press conference by the unexpected performance by Wolfgang.

“What the d**k was that!” said the boiling veteran at his post-race press conference. “I raced like a mother-clucking chicken out there today.”

Wolfgang, who edged Dre by a bill in the final race of the weekend, was in high spirits. “I felt pretty perky and had my focus and energy today. Just gotta stay consistent and keep my bill pointed forward.”

In other news from the weekend, DUCK Rogers – who pulled up lame last Saturday after the first race – has been officially scratched for the rest of the series with a torn web foot. It will sideline him for up to 8 weeks.

“I guess I’m not as inDUCKstructable as I was when I was younger,” a befuddled Rogers said. “Very down about this.”

A total of $204 has been raised by fans placing “bets” on the duck races, with $109 this past weekend. A total of 219 bets (116 this weekend) have been placed – 116 this past weekend. Sirius QUACK leads the pack with 59 bets placed on him for the season and had 34 this past weekend, though Dre was most popular amongst donators with 36.

Here are the results after the second weekend (this weekend and total for the season):

DUCK                            WINS/BETS WEEKEND       WINS/BETS SEASON

#1 – Sirius QUACK                               0 wins/34 bets                  2 wins/59 bets

#2 – DUCKtor Dre                              2 wins/36 bets                   4 wins/51 bets

#3 – Wolfgang DUCK                         2 wins/ 17 bets                   2 wins/46 bets

#4 – Duck Rogers (scratch)               0 wins/0 bets                     1 wins/0 bets

#5 – The DUCK Knight                       0 wins/17 bets                    0 wins/34 bets

#6 – Disco DUCK                                 0 wins/ 12 bets                   0 wins/28 bets

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