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This Little Miggy, Dirty Little Secret leading their respective pig race groups

This Little MIGGY captured five of six races in qualifying rounds this past weekend for the upcoming first leg of the Triple ‘PIG’ Crown series – the PIGtucky Derby – slated for Saturday at PIGlico Downs on the grounds of Maris Farms.

The portly hog, who runs for the Entercom Radio Seattle Jock Hogs (presented by Dillanos Coffee Roasters) and represents KISW DJ Steve Migs, was best amongst his three other Entercom race groupmates – and all race groups – by a long shot.

“There’s no doubt MIGGY was on a roll,” longtime race announcer Dennis “Pig Whisperer” Riley said Sunday afternoon following the final race. “But it’s still early, and they haven’t run against the other top hogs from the other two groups. Saturday at 2, when they run for the ‘pig noses,’ we’ll really see where MIGGY stands.”

Best from the Iheartradio Seattle Jock Hogs (presented by Blazing Bagels) was DirtyLittleSecret. Sleek and athletic, the upstart hog was “no lie” on the track in securing four wins in six races against her race groupmates.

“No lie, I’m gonna show these other hogs who and what ‘the truth’ really is this season,” she announced at her post-race press conference Sunday. “It’ll be no secret after Saturday’s big race.”

And the Blue Max Meats race group – a mixture of iheartradio Seattle jock hogs and Harry Potter hogs – saw HAMmy Potter emerge as the early leader with three wins out of six races.

Racers with the most wins from each racing group, plus the next hog with the most wins (from any of the three groups), will face off in Saturday’s PIGtucky Derby (2 pm). There is one more qualifying round on Saturday at noon to determine that fourth and final spot.

For the weekend, a total of $225 was raised for Seattle Children’s Hospital through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races. A total of 265 “bets” were placed and This Little MIGGY had the most bets placed on him (43).


2017 TPC SERIES RESULTS                                                  WINS         SEASON POINTS

Iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS  presented by BLAZING BAGELS:

#933 Dirty Little Secret                                                                      4                                  4

#950 (KJR SPORTS RADIO) Chuck SOWell                                   2                                  2

#957 Jody BOARthers                                                                       0                                  0

#1061 (KISS FM‟s) BenderLOIN                                                     0                                  0

THE POTTER PIGS/iheartradio Seattle Jock HOGS presented by BLUE MAX MEATS

#11 HAMMY Potter                                                                           3                                  3

#12 VoldePORK                                                                                1                                  1

#950-2 SlickHOG                                                                               0                                  0

#957-2 Marty SQUEALer                                                                  2                                  2

Entercom Seattle Jock HOGS presented by DILLANOS COFFEE ROASTERS

#99.9 This Little MIGGY                                                                     5                                  5

#9992 (KISW’s) The Thrill                                                                 0                                  0

#1007 (The Wolf‟s) Randy SWINE                                                  1                                  1

103.7 (HOT) Eric “PORKY” Powers                                                 0                                  0

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