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Glass Pumpkin Patch and Mini Donuts at Maris Farms

We’d like to share our appreciation for some terrific vendors who’ve been at Maris Farms for the past few years. Patrick Cahill with Area 253 Glassblowing sets up his beautiful array of glass pumpkins each weekend at the farm. The variety and detail of the pumpkins are absolutely mesmerizing and you’ll find Pat welcoming, helpful and interesting.

On the sweeter side of things, Rachel Jacobs and the mini donuts she dishes out are a warm and wonderful treat. Be sure to visit her at the adorable I Love Mini Donuts trailer near the pumpkin cashiers. Area 253 Glassblowing, I Love Mini Donuts, as well as pony rides provided by Old McDebbie’s Farm and Troy Tharge with his Monster Truck have been some of the best people to work with we and really appreciate them being a part of October weekends at Maris Farms.


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