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DUCKtor Drey, Sirius QUACK early contenders for duck race season series title

DUCKtor Dre picked up right where he left off from 2016 by taking both races on Sunday afternoon to knot the Iron DUCK World Championship season series at 2 wins apiece with newcomer Sirius QUACK. Sirius QUACK was the dominant duck on Saturday, outhustling the 6-duck field with 2 victories of his own.

But there had been much made of the re-match between Dre – last season’s series champion – and returning runner up DUCK Rogers. The hype was quickly doused after the first race Saturday, when DUCK Rogers pulled up lame and was barely able to participate in the pre-race duck march parade, let alone complete the race. He finished last and was pulled for the rest of the weekend.

The preliminary report was a high web foot sprain, but more tests will be done this week to determine his status for next weekend. He’ll be a race-time decision for this Saturday afternoon’s races.

“A lot of ‘quack’ talking before that first race,” longtime race announcer Dennis QUACKmaster Riley surmised. “And most of it was between DUCK Rogers and DUCKtor Drey. But it’s a bit more subdued in the duck race quarters now. Hopefully, Rogers will pull off one of his typical DUCK Rogers recoveries.”

For the weekend, a total of $95 was raised for Fisher House through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races. A total of 103 “bets” were placed and Wolfgang DUCK had the most bets placed on him (29).

Here are the results after the first weekend:

DUCK                                     WINS                                      BETS PLACED

#1 – Sirius QUACK                                2                                     25

#2 – DUCKtor Drey                            2                                       15

#3 – Wolfgang DUCK                         0                                       29

#4 – Duck Rogers                                0                                       1

#5 – The DUCK Knight                      0                                       17

#6 – Disco DUCK                                0                                       16

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