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DUCKtor Dre, Wolfgang DUCK stay the course: Tri-QUACK-aletes still battling for season s

Buckley, WA.

It’s been a bit like groundhog day for DUCKtor Dre and Wolfgang DUCK the past two weekends at Maris Farms.

The two racing Tri-QUACK-aletes remained atop the Iron DUCK World Championship series standings after splitting victories on Saturday and then again on Sunday for the second weekend in a row. Dre now leads 6 victories to Wolfgang’s 4 and Sirius QUACK is stalled at 2 victories after three weekends of racing.

“It feels a bit like we’re kissing a mallard!” said Dre, who just edged Wolfgang by a beak for a victory in the weekend’s final race on Sunday, much to the delight of the standing room only crowd surrounding the “race track.” “Even though you’re kissing another duck, it’s still a mallard…winning two and making no advancement on my lead sucks! I need to find another feather gear next weekend.”

Wolfgang, who took the final race on Saturday and the first race on Sunday, was a bit disappointed as well, but said he feels like he’s right where he wants to be with two weekends of racing left.

“I am feeling as fit as I’ve felt all season and will not back down,” the upstart drake reported at his post-race press conference. “No partying (hanging out at D-bill’s Tavern on the water). No girls (ducks). No fast food (worms and grass) until November 1st. It’s all about staying focused on the task at hand…an Iron DUCK word title.”

A total of $283 has been raised by fans placing “bets” on the duck races after the first three weekends of racing, with $79 this past weekend. A total of 303 bets (83 this weekend) have been placed – 116 this past weekend. Sirius QUACK leads the pack with 79 bets placed on him for the season and had 20 this past weekend.

Here are the results after the second weekend (this weekend and total for the season):

DUCK                  WINS/BETS WEEKEND                        WINS/BETS SEASON

#1 – Sirius QUACK             0 wins/34 bets                                       2 wins/79 bets

#2 – DUCKtor Dre            2 wins/36 bets                                        6 wins/69 bets

#3 – Wolfgang DUCK      2 wins/ 17 bets                                        4 wins/76 bets

#4 – Duck Rogers (scratch)0 wins/0 bets                                      0 wins/0 bets

#5 – The DUCK Knight    0 wins/17 bets                                        0 wins/34 bets

#6 – Disco DUCK            0 wins/12 bets                                      0 wins/40 bets


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