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DUCK Rogers returns, DUCKtor Dre rejoices

After taking three of four races, DUCKtor Dre wrapped up the Iron ‘DUCK’ World title this past weekend with an entire weekend of racing still left to go. But, the big story of the weekend was the return of DUCK Rogers on Sunday afternoon. Last year’s season series champion shocked a standing room only duck race crowd (there’s no seating) in his first race back since being put on injured reserve Sept. 30th with a torn web foot.

“I’ve been rehabbing my feathers off for the past couple weeks and am not 100%, but I didn’t want to end the season without competing and showing my fellow duck-athletes that I’m not a dead duck yet,” a revved up Rogers told reporters. “I want them to know they should be peking over their wings this weekend, cuz I’ll be right there.”

Even DUCKtor Dre – who can lose all four races this weekend and still win the series title – was stoked about the return of Rogers to the lineup.

“He’s a champion,” said Dre, referring to Rogers’s competitive nature and the rivalry between the two that’s developed over the past two seasons. “Anytime you have a competitor of that caliber in the race, it brings more energy and excitement to the race, no doubt. It also makes winning the last race on Sunday that much sweeter.”

Indeed, Dre inched out a victory at the finish line after DUCK Rogers suddenly stopped just 2 feet from securing his second straight victory upon returning.

“Just felt a little twinge in my injured foot,” Rogers said. “I’ll be fine this weekend.”

A total of $364 has been raised by fans placing “bets” on the duck races after the first three weekends of racing, with $81 this past weekend. A total of 401 bets (98 this weekend) have been placed. DUCKtor Dre leads the pack with 97 bets placed on him for the season and had 28 this past weekend. He’s also got 9 wins in 16 races with the nearest challenger – Wolfgang DUCK – only having 4 wins.

Here are the results after the fourth weekend (this weekend and total for the season):


#1 – Sirius QUACK             0 wins/17 bets                      2 wins/96 bets

#2 – DUCKtor Dre            3 wins/28 bets                      9 wins/97 bets

#3 – Wolfgang DUCK      0 wins/ 18 bets                      4 wins/94 bets

#4 – Duck Rogers             1 wins/16 bets                        1 wins/16 bets

#5 – The DUCK Knight    0 wins/11 bets                       0 wins/45 bets

#6 – Disco DUCK            0 wins/8 bets                          0 wins/48 bets

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