Iron Duck championship set to go for 5 of the toughest DUCK-athletes

Again, tragedy has struck the duck pen at Maris Farms for a third straight off-season with the loss of 5 fellow duck-athletes during this past spring/summer. But, there is a new crop of DUCK-athletes that have arrived and are ready to compete for the Iron Duck Championship series title.

This past spring/summer, only two duck-athletes survived a series of Eagle attacks that devastated the team by mid-May. The same had happened back in 2017.

“We’re definitely having to be more diligent with our safety and security of the duck pen as the Eagles have deDUCKted that there are opportunities for them to feast on these highly tuned DUCK-athletes during the winter and spring,” track master Steve Templeman said. “They’ve literally been sitting ducks at times these past couple of off-seasons. The safety net we’ve installed above their duck pen is no longer the only protective measure we can depend on, we’ve installed scare crows and have 24-hour security watching as well!”

This season’s “new group” includes QUACKie Chan, James POND, FOUL play, QUACK Black and Lucky Duck .

“This is going to be a lot more interesting with four five completely new QUACKpetitors, “ says race assnouncer and QUACKmaster Dennis Riley. “It may take a few races for them to figure out exactly what the duck is going on. But they’re here, they’re safe now and they’ll figure it out.”

Training started late this fall and continued up to opening day, Sept. 28th. The Buckley farm hosts the live duck races – which helps raise funds for the Fisher House in Seattle – at 1 and 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. A duck “parade” from the duck quarters to the race pond precedes each race and then they march back to their quarters following each race.

Even with all of the tragedy and chatter, the mantra remains the same: swim, flutter and run! It’s live duck racing with a triathlon twist!

The 2019 Iron ‘DUCK’ World Championships, features the following DUCK-athletes:

#1 – QUACKie Chan

#2 – James POND

#3 – FOUL play

#4 – QUACK Black

#5 – Lucky DUCK