Young duck-athlete leads strong field of newcomers in quest of Iron DUCK Championship season title

It may be over by the end of the upcoming weekend in the race for an individual title for this season’s Iron DUCK Championship series at Maris Farms. A youthful QUACK Black stormed in and established himself as the odds-on favorite with 3 wins in 4 races for the weekend.

The upstart little quack captured both races on Sunday and split with grizzled veteran QUACKie Chan on Saturday.

“Wasn’t expecting much from this new field of duck-athletes,” QUACKie told a post-race gathering of reporters on Sunday afternoon. “I felt like I was in control and feeling good this weekend. But Black has made a splash, and put us all on notice he’s here to compete.”

Indeed. The all-black, sleek and athletic QUACK Black dominated his way through the independent duck racing association (IDRA) last season and when tragedy once again struck many of last season’s duck lineup this past summer, he was called up and given his shot.

“I’ve trained for this series as hard as anyone (about 2 weeks now), and I’m not gonna let this opportunity slip through my web feet,” Black said after the weekend’s final race on Sunday. “There’s a mix of experience and new blood here, and I’m up for the challenge of taking a solid QUACK at this season series title.”

Race announcer Dennis “Quack-Master” Riley noticed right off the bat that Black was going to live up to his billing as a top-notch prospect.

“He knows how to compete and he’s not going to duck the competition just because he’s a newcomer” Riley said. “He’s not just winging it out there. I think this weekend was a great induckator of what we can expect out of Black for the rest of the season.”

For the weekend, a total of $54 was raised for Fisher House through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation) on the races. A total of 57 “bets” were placed and QUACKIE Chan had the most bets placed on him with 15. Racing will resume this weekend – Saturday and Sunday at 1 and 3 pm – at Maris Farms.

Here are the results after the first weekend:

DUCK                                    WINS                                     BETS PLACED

#1 – QUACKIE Chan                                1                                                          15

#2 – James POND                                                   0                                                                                       8

#3 – FOUL Play                                                         0                                                                                       14

#4 – QUACK Black                                                   3                                                                                       11

#5 – Lucky DUCK                                                    0                                                                                       9