QUACK Black secures an Iron Duck World title

QUACK Black is your 2019 Iron Duck World Champion, and he’s not apologizing for having a less-than-average weekend racing performance on his way to that title.

“I put myself in a position early this season with at least a couple wins per weekend so that I wouldn’t have to worry as we neared the end,” Black told a press gathering after the final race on Sunday. “I did an aDUCkquate job this weekend, only winning the one time and waiting to see of others could help. FOWL Play did, and now I’m an Iron Duck champ!”

Indeed he is. The sleek, all-black little racer didn’t have to lift a feather after splitting with QUACKie Chan (2nd overall now with 4 wins) on Saturday for his 9th victory of the season. And after FOWL Play swept both races on Sunday, it locked up the title for Black.

Not everyone in the duck race quarters was excited about Black’s title as there’s been a bit of QUACK-talking occurring amongst the group the past three weekends.

The rumors have been flying since early October. After a stellar first weekend of racing for QUACK Black – and the ensuing media attention – Lucky DUCK was said to have been put off, being as how he’s been a media darling in the past. He is winless so far this season and has subsequently gone unnoticed to this point.

Black’s a bit of a wise quacker,” said Lucky Duck, longest standing duck-athlete at Maris Farms. “He acts a little bit like he walks on water. Well, I guess we all kinda do, but you know what I mean. He’s been acting like he’s some sort of super duck.”

And so it goes. The title chase is over now and as these fine feathered quack masters head into the final weekend of racing, the battle is now for runner up between QUACKie Chan (4 wins) and FOWL Play (3 wins).

“There will not be a lot of drama for once heading into the final weekend of racing,” said Race announcer Dennis “Quack-Master” Riley. “But you never know what might occur between Lucky Duck and QUACK Black. There seems to be a bit of a rivalry brewing there. That might be the story this weekend.”

When asked about the situation with Lucky Duck, Black simply quacked and laughed, “I have nothing to prove, and certainly nothing to say to Lucky Duck at this point. He’s been a complete pain in my butt quack this season. I can’t wait to race against him this weekend and rub his beak in it a little.”

For the weekend, a total of $69 was raised for Fisher House through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation). A total of 81 “bets” were placed and QUACK Black had the most bets placed on him with 29. So far, $388 has been raised and 492 bets placed. Racing will resume this weekend – Saturday and Sunday at 1 and 3 pm – at Maris Farms.

Here are the results after the third weekend:

DUCK                           WINS         BETS THIS WEEKEND         BETS PLACED TOTAL

#1 – QUACKIE Chan            4                             21                                                                 116

#2 – James POND            0                                 10                                                                61

#3 – FOWL Play                 3                                10                                                                 61

#4 – QUACK Black             9                               29                                                                 129

#5 – Lucky DUCK               0                               11                                                                   99