QUACK Black leaves no doubt who’s the best     

QUACK Black followed up his lackluster performance in weekend #4 with an effort that proved why he’s worthy of the 2019 Iron Duck World Champion title he earned. The upstart, all-black duck-athlete swept all four of his races this past weekend to up his total to 13 wins and put an exclamation point on his title and stature amongst previous IDWC title winners.

“You’d be hard pressed to find another duck-athlete that’s come through here with that much consistency and dominance,” recalled longtime duck race announcer Dennis “Quack-Master” Riley. “There’s no doubt he felt he’d not done an aDUCKquate enough job after last weekend’s sub-par performance and he wasn’t just going to be satisfied with winning the IDWC title.”

Black led from start to finish in all but one race for the weekend – the fourth and final one – and even in that race, he took command well before the end and was never threatened by any of the other racers.

“Of course I wasn’t happy after last weekend’s quack show,” Black told a press gathering Sunday afternoon following the last race of the season. “I expect more out of myself and spent more time this past week figuring out how to redeem myself. I finally deDUCKted that I had nothing to gain by settling for just the title. I wanted to go down as one of the most dominant duck-athletes in Iron Duck series history. I’m happy with how things turned out.”

QUACKie Chan finished the season series in second place with 4 wins and FOWL Play was third with 3 wins. James POND and Lucky DUCK were winless.

“Not the competitive series that we’ve seen in the past, where the season title has come down to that final weekend of racing,” Riley said. “The only drama we had this season was Lucky Duck being a bit of a drama quack over Black’s media attention.”

Black had garnered much of the media attention early on after shooting out to a substantial lead in the first couple of weekends and Lucky DUCK was said to have been put off, being as how he’s been a media darling in the past. He’s gone relatively unnoticed all season, except for his quack-talking of Black behind his back.

“As I told you all last weekend, I don’t feel like I had anything to prove, and certainly nothing to say to Lucky Duck,” Black told the press gathering. “I pretty much did as I had set out to do, rub his little beak in it!”

For the weekend, a total of $127 was raised for Fisher House through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation). A total of 125 “bets” were placed and QUACK Black had the most bets placed on him with 47. For the season, $525 was raised and 586 bets placed. QUACK Black had 176 bets placed on him to lead all ducks.

Here are the results after the fifth and final weekend:

DUCK                           WINS         BETS THIS WEEKEND         BETS PLACED TOTAL

#1 – QUACKIE Chan                      4                         42                                            137

#2 – James POND                         0                          16                                            77

#3 – FOWL Play                              3                          18                                           79

#4 – QUACK Black                    13                      47                                        176          

#5 – Lucky DUCK                             0                      18                                              117