QUACK Black inching toward historical run

Eight wins and counting for QUACK Black after a weekend that saw the young duck-athlete capture 2 out of the four races run in the Iron Duck World Championship Series at Maris Farms. QUACK split with QUACKie Chan on Saturday and then with FOWL Play (who collected his first win) on Sunday.

“Just trying to stay even keeled,” QUACK Black told the press following Sunday’s final race. “Consistency has been the key, just repeating all of my pre-race and in-race routines.”

That consistency has helped secure the sleek, all-black racer a season series title. Even if QUACKie wins the final 4 races of the season, QUACK Black would end up with one more victory. All there is left to do now is go for the record number of wins for a season, and that would mean QUACK Black needs to win the final four.

It won’t be easy, as QUACK has appeared a bit run down in his last three races. There’s been rumors of a lot of QUACK talking and duck bullying going on in the duck racing quarters by a racer that’s unhappy with the attention QUACK’s received for his success.

“He is up for the task, but he has had to deal with a lot of fowl play from a certain racing colleague,” said Race announcer Dennis “Quack-Master” Riley. “He’s letting a lot of the off-the-race-pond shenanigans roll off his back, but it’s clearly affected him.”

The rumors have been flying since early October. After a stellar first weekend of racing for QUACK Black – and the ensuing media attention – Lucky DUCK was said to have been put off, being as how he’s been a media darling in the past. He is winless so far this season and has subsequently gone unnoticed to this point. Until now.

When asked about the rumors, Lucky DUCK simply chirped, “We’ve got four other serious duck-petitors in this series, and one seems to have become the focus of everyone’s attention. He’s a big duck. He’s in the big-duck league now. He doesn’t need the duckling treatment.”

QUACK Black said he’s not letting the rumors or Lucky’s antics bother him, especially since he’s accomplished goal #1, a season series title. “Lucky’s gotta do what Lucky’s gotta do to make himself feel aDUCKuate. He’s actually lit a fireQUACKer under my feathers. I’m just trying to remain a legit duck-athlete.”

For the weekend, a total of $147 was raised for Fisher House through the “bets” that race fans placed (in the form of a donation). A total of 210 “bets” were placed and QUACK Black had the most bets placed on him with 70. So far, $319 has been raised and 411 bets placed. Racing will resume this weekend – Saturday and Sunday at 1 and 3 pm – at Maris Farms.

Here are the results after the third weekend:

DUCK                           WINS          BETS THIS WEEKEND         BETS PLACED TOTAL

#1 – QUACKIE Chan                  3                                              54                                                        95

#2 – James POND                     0                                              23                                                       51

#3 – FOWL Play                        1                                                14                                                       51

#4 – QUACK Black                    8                                               44                                                     100

#5 – Lucky DUCK                      0                                               49                                                      88