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A Dominant DUCKtor Dre delivers once again

DUCKtor Dre wanted to make sure everyone – fans and his fellow duck-athletes – knew he wasn’t just going to rest on his feathers after capturing his first Iron DUCK title in 2016. And that’s exactly what went down after one of the most dominant weekend (and season) performances in the 5-year history of this month-long racing series at Maris Farms.

“I wanted to make sure and let all the critics know I wasn’t just settling after last year,” Dre told reporters following his final race on Sunday. “That there was no doubt I was THE duck. I don’t think anyone can say I was a lucky ducky. I think it’s pretty apparent I’m the baddest duck on the planet now.”

Indeed, after sweeping all four races this weekend and 7 of the last 8, DUCKtor Dre cemented himself as the most dominant duck in the history of the Iron DUCK World Championship series. He finished with an unprecedented 13 wins in 20 races, outdistancing the nearest competitor – Wolfgang DUCK – by 9 wins.

“He made us all look pretty lame,” Wolfgang told a small gathering at Sunday’s post-race press conference. “

DUCK Rogers, who spent most of the season out due to an injured foot, was likely the biggest threat to DUCKtor Dre’s title defense after a runner-up finish in 2016. He noticed a bit of a difference in Dre’s approach this season.

“He left no doubt, especially these last 2 weekends, and he was much more of a firequacker come race time,” Rogers said. “He pushed hard from the time we marched into that racing chute till the time we crossed the finish line.”

A total of $500 was raised by fans placing “bets” on the duck races for the season, with $136 this past weekend. A total of 495 bets (109 this weekend) were placed. DUCKtor Dre led the pack with 126 bets placed on him for the season and had 29 this past weekend.

Here are the results after the fifth and final weekend (this weekend and total for the season):

DUCK                  WINS/BETS WEEKEND                  WINS/BETS SEASON

#1 – Sirius QUACK             0 wins/16 bets                  2 wins/112 bets

#2 – DUCKtor Dre             4 wins/29 bets                  13 wins/126 bets

#3 – Wolfgang DUCK       0 wins/ 22 bets                 4 wins/116 bets

#4 – Duck Rogers              0 wins/16 bets                  1 wins/32 bets

#5 – The DUCK Knight     0 wins/13 bets                  0 wins/58 bets

#6 – Disco DUCK            0 wins/13 bets              0 wins/61 bets

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