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Friends you meet in the Maze
Celebrating the original corn maze sojourners…. The corn maze and pumpkins are loving all this northwest sunshine. This year you
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A no-doubt display of dominance: Overpowering effort yields 5 wins and a Triple PIG Crown series title for Chuck SOWell
Chuck SOWell put an exclamation point on what may have been his most dominating performance of the month-long Triple PIG
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A Dominant DUCKtor Dre delivers once again
DUCKtor Dre wanted to make sure everyone – fans and his fellow duck-athletes – knew he wasn’t just going to
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SOWell cruising after BOARmont Stakes victory
Chuck SOWell inched ever closer to securing a Triple PIG Crown season series title by virtue of an old-fashioned hamkickin’
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DUCK Rogers returns, DUCKtor Dre rejoices
After taking three of four races, DUCKtor Dre wrapped up the Iron ‘DUCK’ World title this past weekend with an
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Glass Pumpkin Patch and Mini Donuts at Maris Farms
Glass Pumpkins and Mini Donuts at Maris Farms: Beautiful and sweet treats
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SQUEAKness winner no longer ‘little’ or a ‘secret’
News Services Buckley, WA.   She’s become a star in three short weeks of hog racing at Maris Farms. Gritty,
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DUCKtor Dre, Wolfgang DUCK stay the course: Tri-QUACK-aletes still battling for season s
Buckley, WA. It’s been a bit like groundhog day for DUCKtor Dre and Wolfgang DUCK the past two weekends at
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Sizzling Chuck SOWell captures ‘Run for Noses’
Last season, Chuck SOWell says he left all he had on the track every time he raced. This season, he
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